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Coated Polycarbonate & Acrylic (PMMA) Sheet

As the exclusive UK and Ireland stockholder and distributor of KRD Polycarbonate sheet, Optical Coating Technologies stocks a wide range of thicknesses. The full range of sheet thickness is from 1mm through to 20mm.

Optical Coating Technologies can supply the sheets coated with an optically clear abrasion resistant coating, an anti-static coating and/or a non-glare finish (with differing levels of non-glare being available). All the coatings are abrasion resistant and chemical resistant.

The sheets can be supplied as full size 3m x 2m pieces, cut down to size, CNC profiled or fabricated to your final specification using our in-house equipment. Ideal for use in signage, instrument panel covers / doors and windows.

We can also supply Lexan Polycarbonate and Makroclear Polycarbonate as well as PMMA (Acrylic) sheets.


The KRD Polycarbonate sheet is available in a wide range of colours. Suitable for internal architectural use, these plastic sheets are perfect for internal windows and partitions within offices, food factories and public buildings. So now designers and architects have the ability to add new dimensions and functionality to their creations.

For external use UV stable Polycarbonate is offered. Guaranteed for 10 years against breaking or yellowing caused by UV light, these coated sheets are ideal for external signage and ballistic glass applications.

The building industry has a demand for continuously lighter and more robust materials. Polycarbonate sheet from our principal KRD fulfills these requirements while offering superior solutions for aesthetics.
In urban development, KRD Polycarbonate is primarily used for urban modernisation: bus stop shelters, panels for large banners, bicycle shelters, street lamps or train platform roofs.

The Olympic Stadium Spiros Louis in Athens is the largest public building that had used KRD plastic panels at that time. The entire roof of the Olympic Stadium and also the roof of the swimming pool and various protection walls were built in abrasion resistant coated Polycarbonate sheet.

KRD tinted panels have a wide variety of uses in interior design, such as for example as artistic elements in stage, trade fair or facade design. 


Since the early 1980s, KRD has supplied the German police with glazing for its patrol cars. Two window qualities are offered, namely the mono- and the laminated window pane. Unlike silicate glass, our glazing is highly impact resistant and largely break-proof. Specialist vehicles such as water cannons and fire vehicles have also been equipped.

In October 2010, the KRD compound pane SCS-V44 received the general type approval (certificate issue by the German Office for Motor Vehicles – KBA). It is the first laminated plastic pane in the world to receive the KBA approval. KRD Polycarbonate has many applications in the area of personal and business security, such as in official and government vehicles as well as private limousines.


Technical data on optically coated KRD Polycarbonate are given below. 








General Properties





Bulk density


ISO 1183



Water absorption


1SO 62



Mechanical Characteristics





Tensile Strength


ISO 527



Elongation at tear


ISO 527



Modulus of elasticity


ISO 527



Impact resistance


ISO 179


Not broken

Extension of surface


DIN 53455



Abrasion resistance; 100 rotations; CS-10F; 500g


ISO 9352

% Haze

1.2 – 1.8

Thickness of coating




4 – 8

Adhesion properties  0,5/1,0/2.0 hour boiling period at 100oC


ISO 2409


GT 0/0/0

Climatic resistance


ISO 4892

% Diff


Sand trickle test


DIN 52348

% Haze


Thermal Characteristics





Vicat diluting temperature VST/B 50


ISO 306



Constancy temperature HDT/A (1,8 N/mm2)*


ISO 75



Temperature of permanent use


DIN 53446



Linear coefficient of cubical thermal expansion 0 – 50 oC


DIN 53752


65 x 10-6

Heat Conduction (λ)


DIN 52612



Specific heat (c)





Optical characteristics





Refractive index


ISO 489

ND 20

1.428 (1.585)

Transparency 380-780 nm D=3


DIN 5036



Deviation angle


DIN 52305



Refractive power


DIN 52305



Electrical characteristics





Specific volume resistivity


DIN VDE 0303



Dielectric strength


DIN EN 60243



Special characteristics





Behaviour in fire


DIN 4102

Fire Classification


  *The information applies to the carrier material

The information is based on presently available knowledge and experiences.  This data does not release the user from their own tests and trials.  A legally binding assurance of certain characteristics or the suitability for a specific purpose of use cannot be derived from it.  Possible patent rights as well as existing law or provisions must be taken into account by the receiver of our products, who bears the responsibility.

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Optical Coating Technologies
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United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)1827 63489

F: +44 (0)1827 51918
E: info@optical-coatings.com