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Coatings ranging from anti-mist coating through gold coating and non-glare coating to obscuration bands are applied here at our dedicated optical coating facility. To find out more click on one of the grey boxes above or contact us – we’re here to help. And if you're representing a business and would like a sample or a visit from one of our technical team, please note this in the message section on the contact form.


Below is a taster of our coating range. You will find some more information on our coatings by contacting us or by heading to the Technical page.



SafeCoat 400 series coatings

This exciting range of coatings includes both new coating systems and improved / enhanced existing coatings. A new addition is SafeCoat 411, the first in our anti-microbial range, SafeCoat 411 is a non-yellowing, light non-glare (90% to 95% gloss) polysiloxane based coating that combines excellent abrasion and chemical resistance with anti-microbial properties.


Proprietary coatings

Of course we also stock and apply a huge range of proprietary coatings from manufacturers around the world. And if we don't stock it? Well, then we'll buy it in. 

Applied using different techniques as necessary, our range of coatings are applied in house onto 3D shapes as well as flat sheet. A complete supply option is also available.


Gold coating, Silver coating and Aluminium coating by vacuum deposition onto plastic for heat and light reflection. Copper coating using vacuum deposition for anti-microbial functions.

Ready coated plastic sheet stocked for supply as cut down sheets or CNC profiled plastic. Anti-glare coating, abrasion resistant coating and a full range of tinted plastic are available.





Abrasion Resistance :: ASTM D1044 Standard Test Method for Resistance of Transparent Plastics to Surface Abrasion.

Accelerated Weathering :: ASTM D4329 Standard Practice for Fluorescent UV Exposure of Plastics.

Adhesion :: ASTM D3359 Method B Standard Test Methods of Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test.

Anti-Fog Performance :: ASTM F659 Standard Specification for Skier Goggles and Faceshields & EN 168:2001 Clause 16 Personal eye-protection, Non-optical test methods & EN 166:2002 Clause 7.3.2 Resistance to fogging of oculars.

Chemical Resistance :: ASTM D1308 Standard Test Method for Effect of Household Chemicals on Clear and Pigmented Organic Finishes.

Freeze/Thaw Cycling :: ASTM D6944 Method A Standard Practice for Resistance of Cured Coatings to Thermal Cycling.

Impact Resistance :: ASTM D2794 Test Method for Resistance of Organic Coatings to the Effects of Rapid Deformation (Impact).

Pencil Hardness ::ASTM D3363 Standard Test Method for Film Hardness by Pencil Test.

Solids Content :: ASTM D2369: Test Method for Volatile Content of Coatings.

Specific Gravity & Density :: ASTM D1475 Standard Test Method For Density of Liquid Coatings, Inks, and Related Products.

Surface Resistivity :: ASTM D257 Standard Test Methods for DC Resistance or Conductance of Insulating Materials.

Transmittance & Haze :: ASTM D1003 Method A Standard Test Method for Haze and Luminous Transmittance of Transparent Plastics.

Viscosity :: ASTM D4212 Test Method for Viscosity by Dip-Type Viscosity Cups, & ASTM D1200 Standard Test Method for Viscosity by Ford Viscosity Cup, & ASTM D2196 Method A Standard Test Methods for Rheological Properties of Non-Newtonian Materials by Rotational (Brookfield) Viscometer.

Water Resistance :: ASTM D870 Practice for Testing Water Resistance of Coatings Using Water Immersion.


NOTE: These tests are standard tests used by our coating manufacturers and are not necessarily carried out by us.


Optical Coating Technologies
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Optical Coating Technologies
Unit 8 Lagrange, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B79 7XD
United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)1827 63489

F: +44 (0)1827 51918
E: info@optical-coatings.com