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Coatings to enhance the function, performance, durability & appearance of thermoplastic products

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We are the premier applicator of optically clear coatings onto thermoplastics such as Polycarbonate, Acrylic (PMMA), PPSU and Polyurethane. With a large range of optical coatings and various application techniques, we are at the forefront of applying coatings to flat and profiled industrial plastic components. The use of transparent plastics to manufacture high quality components in the areas of optics technology, automotive and the railway industry has been steadily growing over recent years. The clear benefits of plastics are their light weight, their flexibility and impact resistance. Complex structures can easily be produced cost effectively in large numbers. A disadvantage, however, of most plastic material is the low hardness. Even minor exposure to scratching (this can even be rubbing with a paper towel) has a negative impact on the surface.

Scratch resistant coatings from Optical Coating Technologies significantly upgrade plastic parts and this way enlarge the range of their application in various industries. Our own specially designed products as well as conventional coating systems are applied. These coatings are often called nano coatings as they are only a few microns in thickness. They are permanently bonded and are typically applied by spray, dip and flow (or float) coating. The application procedures depend on the requirements of the base material and can be adjusted accordingly. A dust free production environment is indispensable. Our high quality optical coatings are ensured by working under clean room conditions.


Optically coated Polycarbonate sheet.


Found where there is a need for unbreakable or ballistic "glass", such as on special purpose, military and off highway vehicles along with caravans, signage, and non-structural building glazing. Tinted PC sheet is available for internal use and UV stable clear PC sheet is offered for eternal use. 


Vacuum Deposition.


Optical Coating Technologies also applies metal coatings such as gold, silver, copper and aluminium on to plastics using vacuum deposition. These coatings are used, for example, on eye safety wear, medical components, mirrors, semi-conductor wafers, automotive decorative trim and for special effects (for TV, theatre and architect's models).




To summarise, our coatings are used to provide optically transparent abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, UV resistance, anti-glare, anti-static and anti-fog properties onto safety glasses, lenses, visors, digital signage, TFT and LED touchscreens, point of display units and engineering components. The automotive and transport industries benefit from these coatings on switches, motifs, light guides, external headlamp lenses and external trim. A new range of coatings, launched in the summer of 2014, are the anti-microbial abrasion resistant coatings. Some additional information can be found on the Technical page, under SafeCoat 411. So whether you require your plastic component coated to make it anti-fog or abrasion / chemical resistant, reflective using gold, or would simply like some advice at the design stage, Optical Coating Technologies is the company to talk to. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, please contact us and ask to speak with our technical staff.


And remember, when you order from us, you're not just buying a coating solution, you're buying trust. 


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